From HOD’s Desk . . .

Prof. Anil B Desai

Dept of Computer Science & Engineering

 The B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering programme is designed to create globally competent manpower for the information and communication technology (ICT) industry. At the same time, it is also designed to prepare the student for post graduate education in the best universities across the globe. These twin objectives are accomplished by including an optimal mix of fundamental theory subjects and practical, current and industry relevant subjects in the scheme of study. It gives me pride and pleasure to introduce the Department and its website and I hope you will enjoy exploring contributions of the department. Sitting squarely in an Engineering Faculty, the Department of Computing is focused on devising innovative, correct solutions to hard problems, whilst ensuring that the solutions execute optimally. The staff of Computer Science in involved in many innovative project. Through the department of computer science we have started a MARATHA MANDAL INCUBATION INITIATIVE. We believe that understanding is the first step to being able to solve these problems and Computation lies at the heart of understanding systems.