“Entrepreneurship and Bio-Fuels Awareness Workshop”

“Entrepreneurship and Bio-Fuels Awareness Workshop”

Entrepreneurship and Bio-Fuels Awareness Workshop” conducted by Department of Mechanical Engineering in association with VTU, Belagavi on 15th November, 2018.

About the Entrepreneurship Awareness Program:

The modern world has a huge demand for engineers who are also entrepreneurs because of the advances in technological field unlike the olden times where technology was not only the way of growth, earning and economy. It becomes difficult for an engineer to survive and grow in this advanced growth striving world of huge market demands without the skill of entrepreneurship. The skill of entrepreneurship can be obtained only when a person is aware about it and strives to gain some amount of knowledge to dive into it. Such programs actually open the doors and give an insight for the young budding engineers to the opportunities that lie ahead when they come out of the institutions as a fresher in the vast economical and engineering world.

An engineer can rise and grow high in his field not only by working in an organization but also more by providing opportunities for the society to work in an enterprise established by him. This causes an upbringing of the social, economical and technical standards of the people.

More the number of entrepreneurs more will be growth of the economical condition of a country and thus will be satisfied the need of engineering, that is to provide better products and better services at economical prices to the society at large.

The above things sum up for the potential growth of a person as a successful individual in the society. In order to inculcate or bring in these qualities and professional knowledge to our students, Department of Mechanical Engineering, MMEC, organized a one day workshop on “Entrepreneurship and Bio-Fuels Awareness Program” on 15thNovember, 2018.

In this regard, we invited an experienced resource person from the university Dr.Chidanand C. Gavimath, Special Officer, ED Cell, VTU, Belagavi.

About the Program Proceedings

Inauguration Program

Chief Guest,Dr. Chidanand C.Gavimath, Special Officer, ED Cell, VTU, Belagavi, inaugurated the program and addressed the students on the present need and demand for the entrepreneurial engineer to make his mark in the society instead by implementing the knowledge gained by them in the field of engineering with the aid of entrepreneurial skills.

Dr. S. S. Mashyal, Head of Department, Mechanical Engineering introduced the Chief Guest of honor and the Resource Person, Dr. Chidanand C.Gavimath, Special Officer, ED Cell, VTU, Belagavi, as an extremely knowledgeable and experienced person with zeal to impart and share his knowledge and experience.

Dr. Chidanand C. Gavimath in his first session on Entrepreneurship awareness spoke on the various opportunities that are available for the young engineers after their completion of graduation. He shared his experiences on the work involved in developing an enterprise. He gave numerous examples of his pupils who started small scale industries and have turned themselves into job givers instead of becoming job seekers. He stressed on the importance of being self-employed.

He discussed and shared views of him involved in bringing up the ED cell at VTU, Belagavi by pioneering Bio-Fuel products in this region. He discussed about the government schemes that benefit the entrepreneurs who step into this field. The stressed on how leadership qualities combined with positive attitude can make miracles. He motivated the students to become entrepreneurial engineers rather than just engineers who just seek jobs.

Dr. Chidanand C. Gavimath in his second session explained in depth about the products and by-products that can be obtained in the field of Bio-fuels. He stressed on how much the industries are on their toe tips to buy products made by this technology because of the economical costs in manufacturing.

He discussed about the different plant sources that can be made use of to create bio-fuels at low costs, the benefit of giving jobs to village people by imparting some basic knowledge of the extraction process. Because majority of the Indian population lives in villages this can help the economical growth also he stressed.

Dr. V. R. Udupi, Principal motivated the students to actively participate in such programs organized by the college because such are the programs that actually benefit the students to understand the present scenario of the engineering world and the market needs.

Prof. A. C. Matikalli, Co-ordinator of MESSA,proposed the vote of thanks.


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