Prof. Vaibhav K Kakade

Assistant Professor

Education: M. Tech. in Digital Electronics
  1. Presented paper in National Conference and Published Paper titled “Design and Implementation of DSSS CDMA transmitter and Receiver in VHDL” in International journal of Latest Trends in Engineering and Technology with ISSN: 2278-621X.
  2. Published paper titled “Gaussian Filtered MSK for GSM, an efficient Implementation” Volume 3, Issue-3 March 2014 ISSN: 2320-0804 in International Journal of Engineering Associates.
  3. Published paper titled “WBC Nuclei Segmentation by G S Orthogonalization and Classification for Leukemia Detection” in International Journal for Scientific Research and Development (IJSRD).
Areas of Expertise/Interest: Digital Electronics, Digital Signal Processing, VHDL/Verilog.
Courses Taught: Undergraduates and Postgraduates
Prof. Vaibhav K Kakade
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