Late Shri Nathajirao G. Halgekar

Our aim is to ensure that our students emerge as winners intellectually, ethically and professionally in future. We have some of the finest and most sincere minds working for us. Dedication, sincerity and continuing empathy of our teaching force get intellectually and emotionally translated into increased success of our students and satisfaction to all parents.





Board of Trustees :

# Name Designation
1 Sou. Amarajadevi A. Halgekar Managing Trustee
2 Sou. Dhanashri R. Halgekar Vice Managing Trustee
3 Sri. Ramchandra C. Modagekar Trustee
4 Sri. Nageshrao M. Tarale Trustee
5 Sou. Urmiladevi N. Tarale Trustee
6 Sri. Dinkarrao M. Oulkar Trustee
7 Sri. Gajananrao M. Tambekar Trustee
8 Sri. Marutirao G. Kodchwadkar Trustee
9 Sri. Vinayak B Ghasari Trustee
10 Sri. Prasad A. Mutagekar Trustee

Managing Committee:

# Name Designation
1 Mrs. Rajshree Nagaraju (Halgekar) President
2 Smt. Laxmibai P. Cholekar Vice .President
3 Sri. Narayanrao G. Tarale Member
4 Sri Nageshrao S. Zangruche Member
5 Sri. Suhasrao P. Chandgadkar Member
6 Sri. Ajit D. Yadav Member
7 Sri. Shankarrao G. Patil Member
8 Sri. Shivajirao S. Patil Member
9 Sri. B. K. Bandagi Member
10 Sri. Laxmanrao B. Sainuche Member
11 Sri. Rajesh N Halgekar Member
12 Sri. Parashram R. Gurav Member
13 Sri. Gajananrao B. Kangralkar Member
14 Sri. Kisanrao B. Hannurkar Member
15 Smt. Malprabha R. Shinde Member

Governing Council:

# Name Designation
1 Smt. Rajshree Nagaraju Halgekar Chairperson G.C., MMEC, Belagavi
2 Sri. Ajit D Yadav G C Member
3 Sri. Narayanrao G. Tarale G C Member
4 Sri. Suhashrao P. Chandagadkar G C Member
5 Sri. Nageshrao S. Zangaruche G C Member
6 Regional Officer, AICTE, Bengaluru AICTE, Bengaluru Ex-Officio Secretary
7 Director, DTE, Bengaluru Ex-Officio
8 Under secretary to Government, Higher Education Department, MS Building, Bengaluru Request to depute Industrialist, Educationist, Technologist committees G C Member
9 Dr. S. Padmanabha Principal, T.John Institute of Technology, Bengaluru G C Member
10 Prof. A M Ghorpade  Assistant Professor, Dept of E & C MMEC, Belagavi