Placement Records-2016


From 1st Feb 2016 to 31 July 2016


  1. We had VYOMLABS PUNE in our Campus for 2015 students from various colleges. Milnd Jadhav the Company representative conducted the placement. FEBRUARY 5th. 2016

  2. A MAJOR EVENT of POOL CAMPUS by MPHASIS BANGALORE was conducted on MARCH 11th and 12th 2016. More than 13 colleges from Belgavi, Chikodi, Nippani, Halyal, Dharwad and Hubli Participated. The number of students enrolled was 500+. The AMCAT, VERSANT test were conducted by the company. 7 students were selected.

  3. Another MAJOR EVENT was Perennial PUNE which conducted CAMPUS for Mechanical students. 4 students are selected. The event was on APRIL 15th 2016.

  4. Another event planned on 25th APRIL is FIRMNEXT Bangalore ONLINE TEST for CS & EC

  1. The students of MMEC attended the PLACEMENT DRIVE CONDUCTED @ other colleges

  1. The students of EC department attended ANORA LABS at HIT NIDSHOSHI.

  2. The students attended ONLINE TCS test at JAIN College

  3. The students of CS dept attended CSG SOLUTIONS @ GIT

  4. The students of CS dept attended HCL-CARE at AITM. 3 students selected

  5. The students of MECH dept attended INFOSYS at AITM 3 students selected

  6. The students of MECH dept attended Phoenix-Sea Services at VTU Belgavi. 4 students selected

  7. The students of MECH dept attended Alpha Nine Sea Services at GIT Belgavi. 3 students selected

  8. The students of EC dept attended the poll campus at BVB Hubli of CADENCE company


  1. Dr Geo D’sliva Director Central Placement Cell VTU delivered the lecture to the 6th & 8th Sem students on placement Opportunities on March 17th 2016.

  2. MIT Skills, PUNE conducted seminar for 8th Sem students on Placements in Mech field. 4 industry experts gave the seminar on 7th March 2016.

  3. KOKA ROBOTICS Bangalore also conducted seminar for 8th sem students on 12th March 2016

  4. EDUCADD APLLO also conducted the seminar on March 15th on New CAD software.


  1. NIIT Belgavi with MMEC conducted a NITAT national level test for students of MMEC. The NIIT issued the scores and also gave a FEED-BACK to the students. The NIIT also issued the APPRICIATION CERTIFICATE for the work done by the TOP cell.

        The TPO was well supported by three placement coordinators of the departments of MECH, EC and

        CS. Prof Alareddi of Mech was of great help in hospitality of the company representatives.

  1. Prof Anant Ghadi

  2. Prof. Tushar B

  3. Prof. Raghvendra Jadhav.