Computer Science & Engineering

About the Department

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is an outstanding treasure house of the institute which incubates and inculcates the passionate instinct of computation within the beings associated. The substratum of the department is the young dynamic faculty members under the guidance for senior experienced fellow colleagues. The faculty members nourish, cherish and implant the young buds of the institute with the basic and advanced knowledge and expertise required to build their career and become commendable technocrats. The education system is not only constrained to the traditional curriculum, along-side it acquaints the essential Information Technology standards. The department is accoutered with the expedient IT resources like the latest configuration hardware and software. The departmental library supports the scholars to imbibe and strengthen their knowledge..


To convert students into complete craftsmen in the field of information and technology by using creative ideas of teaching, so that they contribute their talents to the world of science and technology.


To advance the frontiers of research in computer science and automation.
To offer world-class pedagogical and research experience to its students.