Electronics & Communication Engineering

About the Department

Electronics and Communication Engineering is the practical application of electrical science and technology to the solution of problems in industry, commerce and society. This exciting and rapidly-developing field will continue to be in the forefront of technology. From a heart monitor to a power station; from a satellite system to the semiconductor chips in your computer, this branch of engineering provides the products, skills, services and above all, ingenuity, upon which modern life depends. Our courses combine the vital theoretical backbone with creative, practical and personal skills needed for a career as a professional engineer. Flexible organization of course allows you to develop your technical focus as you progress. As a result of the excellence ingrained in them, our graduates are in great demand world-wide.


To develop the department into full fledged center of learning and research activities and to produce innovative technocrats who can meet the challenges of ever changing technical scenario and of global society.


To orient towards putting hard and purposeful efforts in a sustained way. To mould the youths into innovative, high quality engineers and good citizens with good blend of  technical and managerial skills.