Taking Pledge on Jan Andolan COVID-19….

Taking Pledge on Jan Andolan COVID-19….

The Principal, Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff have taken pledge on 12/10/2020 at  3 PM within the college campus taking all the precautions of physical distancing and wearing the mask. They have committed themselves strongly to support the control the spread of      Covid-19. The pledge was strongly supported by the staff members who showed their acceptance by the use of slogans that stressed on the importance of health for a successful life. The pledge created a strong thought towards constantly adhering to the common rules for prevention of the virus like wearing face mask, maintaining physical distancing and to maintain hand hygiene.

Dr.Vinita V. Sondur, Principal, MMEC, Dr. Suresh S. Mashyal, Vice Principal & HOD Department Of Mechanical Engineering, Prof.Mani C, HOD Department Of Electronics and Communications Engineering, Prof. Naveed Mulla, HOD Department Of Computer Science Engineering and all the Teaching and Non-Teaching staff members were present at the pledge event.


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